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  • February 3, 2009

    Online Radio Broadcasting with djay 2.3 and Nicecast

    Online Radio Broadcasting with Nicecast and djay

    Today we released djay 2.3, a great (free!) update to our favorite DJ software!

    For this update, we worked closely with the guys from Rogue Amoeba to make djay integrate seamlessly with their Nicecast online radio broadcasting software. Now you can create your live set in djay and then broadcast the stream to the world with Nicecast. Setup couldn’t be any easier: After selecting djay as the music source in Nicecast, information about the current song from djay will be provided to listeners automatically. It’s the perfect solution for online radio DJs or anyone who wants to broadcast their favorite music.

    djay 2.3 also features a new “Auto Select” feature for pre-cueing with headphones. With this, djay will automatically select the right turntable to play through the headphones, while the other is playing through the main speakers. Finally, a new power button for each turntable simulates how real turntables gradually slow down the record when being turning off — bringing djay one step closer to the acclaimed analoge world.

    Use our automatic update check to update your copy of djay (free for all registered users!), or download our free trial version if you’re a new user.

  • January 22, 2009

    Tales from Macworld 2009: O’Grady’s Best in Show award for djay and more!

    In one word: Macworld Expo 2009 was amazing. From the very fist day we had so many people wanting to try out djay that we soon wished for a bigger booth. On the second day, we also received the O’Grady’s Best in Show Award for djay, which resulted in even more people hitting our booth. But showing a really great product to people and experiencing their excitement was a truly satisfying experience.

    Apparently, this showed. Our user Chris B. from Sacramento sent us these very nice lines:

    Saw [djay] demo’d at MacWorld 2009. The people at your booth were the most knowledgeable, friendly and helpful people in the WHOLE place!!! Most impressive was I went on the Friday, the last day and they were still as excited as if it was Tuesday.

    And Tom D. from San Jose:

    Saw djay touch you music at MacWorld and just loved it terrific.

    Thank you guys! Glad you enjoyed it as much as we did.

    The gates to Macworld Expo 2009 People checking out djay at Macworld 2009 Anyone can be a DJ with djay! Lots of people checking out djay Spinning the Vestax VCI-100 with djay Can we have a bigger booth, please? Explaining what djay is all about Give us more, Mr. djay! Giving an interview about djay The djay booth in all its beauty The djay icon in 4'. Anyone else loves high-res artwork? Macworld afterparty at The Endup San Francisco with DJ Karim
  • December 27, 2008

    See djay in action at Macworld Expo 2009!

    Macworld Expo 2009

    We’re really excited to officially announce our presence at Macworld Expo 2009! You’ll find the algoriddim team at booth #330 in the south hall, where we’ll of course demo djay and show some of the cool stuff you can do with it.

    If you’re a djay user, email us to get a Macworld pass (e-ticket) for free (first come first serve!), and make sure to stop by our booth to say hi! If you’re on Facebook, please RSVP to our event.

  • December 12, 2008

    djay 2.2 delivers breakthrough Multi-Touch trackpad control

    Advanced Multi-Touch with djay 2.2

    We’re thrilled to announce our redesigned website and djay 2.2, both of which can be controlled with Multi-Touch gestures on your trackpad*! The new djay version now allows you to control virtually every element of its user interface individually through Multi-Touch gestures on your notebook trackpad, including the turntables, all sliders, and even the music library.

    Similar to using the iPod’s click-wheel, you can now use rotate gestures on the trackpad to quickly browse djay’s built-in iTunes library and throw a selected song on one of the turntables with a simple swipe gesture. Quickly scrub (seek) through a song using the rotate gesture on a turntable. And of course two-finger gestures allow scratching the virtual vinyl, crossfading between songs and now also adjusting speed, volume and equalizer sliders.

    Oh, and did we mention it’s a free update for all registered users? Download the new version and go wild!

    * And don’t forget to try the two-finger swipe on our homepage (requires Safari)!

  • December 8, 2008

    Grand opening of Apple Store Munich with djay on shelf!

    The opening of the new Apple Store in Munich was celebrated last Friday by a huge crowd, which started rolling into the store at 10 am. People had been queueing up as early as 6 am to be among the first to visit the new store, which is the first Apple Store in Germany and only the 4th in continental Europe.

    We managed to take a couple of pictures of the crowd and the store. The great news is that djay is among the few select software titles available in the store!

    Outside of Apple Store Munich Outside of Apple Store Munich The ecstatic crowd inside the Apple Store Munich djay on the shelf at Apple Store Munich

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