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Introducing the world’s

first AI DVS system

Welcome to the new era of DJing - control djay on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC with professional turntables and mixers. You can now take the stage - anywhere, anytime - using your ultra portable iOS device as the brains of the DJ booth.

dvs with DJ Angelo

Hardware Setup

Plug-and-Play DVS for your iOS device

You can now connect your iOS device directly to your mixing system. The optimized user interface automatically adapts when DJ hardware is connected.

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djay Control Vinyl

The next generation of DVS technology

Algoriddim has partnered with the world leading DJ manufacturers to develop a wide range of premium DJ controllers, DJ mixers, and accessories, co-branded and designed to seamlessly integrate with Algoriddim’s award-winning DJ apps.

This feature is powered by an enhanced DVS control tone exclusive to djay Pro which has a unique control data stream imprinted into the grooves of each of the three distinct sections of the vinyl. This drives the patented Neural Mix™ technology running on Mac, Windows PC, iPad, or iPhone, using cutting-edge artificial intelligence to separate any song into its original components in real-time.

dvs vinyl

Two turntables

and an iPhone

Watch World Champion DJ Angelo’s Performance

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Mobile & Desktop

Mac. PC. iPad. iPhone. DVS without compromises.

We’ve worked closely with some of the world’s top DJs and carefully adapted djay’s user interface to perfectly complement any connected hardware. It’s a unique blend of tactile and touch based control. Moreover, djay’s audio engine has been fine tuned for digital vinyl control to offer the tightest scratching, most accurate time-stretching, and lowest latency possible - no matter if you’re using your Mac, Windows PC, iPad, or iPhone.

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What you need to know

What do I need in order to use DVS with djay?

DVS in djay is supported with any compatible mixer, turntable, and djay Control Vinyl (see below). Depending on which device you are using djay on, you might need one of the following adapters in order to connect your mixer:

Which mixers are supported?

djay supports any audio interface, mixer, and MIDI controller that is supported on the respective platform. In addition, many of the most popular DVS-compatible mixers have been pre-mapped and can be used plug-and-play with djay and DVS.

List of pre-mapped DVS-compatible mixers

Which DVS timecode djay Control Vinyl is supported?

In addition to the official djay Control Vinyl (see above), djay also supports standard timecode DVS systems that use a control tone of 1kHz (which the vast majority of DVS systems do).

Where can I get the official djay Control Vinyl?

You can purchase the official djay Control Vinyl from our store in the US, UK, or Europe.

Which versions of djay support DVS?

DVS is supported in the latest versions of djay on Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone.

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