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djay transforms your Mac into a full-fledged DJ system, allowing you to mix your iTunes music library on a hyper-realistic turntable interface. Perform live, record mixes on-the-go, or enable Automix mode and let djay mix your favorite playlist automatically. With unprecedented ease-of-use and innovative features like Harmonic Match, djay for Mac takes DJing to the next level and offers a unique experience for beginners and professionals alike.

Macworld Editor’s Choice Award (5 stars) MacUser Rating: 5 mice MacLife Rating: Awesome (5 stars)

A whole new experience in DJ software.

International DJ Magazine (iDJ)

Be your own DJ with iTunes.

iTunes Integration

iTunes Integration

djay gives you instant access to all your existing songs and playlists from iTunes. You can browse your music library by Playlist, Artist, Album, Genre, Key, History, and more. Simply drag songs onto the turntables in djay, and they are transformed into virtual records complete with album art.

Automix DJ

Automix your party

One-click, hours of fun. Let djay mix your favorite playlist automatically from iTunes with seamless DJ-style transitions. Using the Automix Queue you can step in any time and queue up tracks on-the-fly.

BPM Sync

Perfectly master transitions

djay’s on-the-fly beat and tempo detection allows you to easily match the BPM of two songs for a perfect transition. Simply press the SYNC button and the two songs are seamlessly aligned.

DJ Set Recording

Record your performance

Capture your mix live — for your latest podcast, movie or photo slide show, or to make a classic “mixtape.” djay saves your performance in high-quality sound files and contains a built-in organizer that allows you to arrange, preview and export your recordings.

Drag & Drop DJ mixing

Scratch. Mix. Play.

Multi-Touch trackpad control for scratching

Multi-Touch trackpad control

djay's dynamic interface elements can be fully controlled with versatile Multi-Touch gestures. Use rotate gestures to adjust the EQ, or two fingers to scratch the record and operate the crossfader.

Zoomable waveforms

Visual mixing with waveforms

djay's advanced audio wave form display gives you an overview of a song's structure and allows you to visually cue to specific points in order to prepare the prefect transition.

Live DJ Sampler

Live Sampler

Use the live sampler to add short jingles into the mix. djay comes with a built-in sample pack featuring 20 high quality sounds made by ueberschall, one of the leading companies in the sampling industry. In addition, djay allows you to create your own samples from the turntables or the microphone.

DJ Mixer and EQ controls

Mixer and EQ controls

3-band equalizers, gain, line faders, and a crossfader give you all the tools you need in a DJ setup to seamlessly blend one song into another.

Harmonic Mixing

Harmonic Match

Harmonic Match

Finding two songs that complement each other is one of the most challenging tasks when mixing music – for beginners and pro DJs alike. With the introduction of Harmonic Match, djay automatically detects a song’s key and allows to match it to songs of the same key within your iTunes music library. It allows you transpose songs into different keys, and even sort your entire music library by key, perfect for creating studio quality mash-ups of your songs.

Remix on-the-fly

DJ Audio FX

High-Quality Audio FX

Spice up your mix with a host of professional real-time audio effects, available via three FX control panes for different mixing styles: an easy to use one-touch panel for instant FX, a more advanced custom pane, and a highly innovative 2D touch interface. Audio FX include: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher, Filter (High Pass, Low Pass), as well as six preconfigured instant effects: Absorb, Drift, Sway, Crush, Punch, Twist.

Beat-Matched Looping

Beat-Matched Looping & Cue Points

djay offers you a range of different looping styles: Auto, Manual and Bounce. Manually set loop in and out points, use Auto-Loop to continuously loop part of a song, or remix live using Bounce-Loop to mash up your song, all in perfect sync with the beat.

djay for Mac Screenshot
iCloud integration with djay for iPad and iPhone

iCloud integration

Cue points and other metadata created while using djay on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone are automatically synced over-the-air to be readily available when performing live with your Mac or any of your iOS devices.

What’s New

... in djay 4.0:

  • Redesigned single window UI
  • Visual Waveforms
  • Harmonic Match™
    (key detection and matching)
  • New Audio FX:
    Gate, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Echo, Filter (Low Pass + High Pass)
  • Instant FX:
    Absorb, Drift, Sway, Crush, Punch, Twist
  • Multi-touch FX Pad
  • New integrated sampler
    (with an awesome built-in sample pack)
  • New loop modes: Bounce looping
  • iCloud integration
  • New music library (with dark/light modes)
  • New audio engine: high-quality key lock, low-latency scratching
  • New Auto-Gain/Audio Normalize based on the Loudness Recommendation EBU R128 standard
  • Enhanced MIDI support and MIDI learn including jog wheel mapping
  • Enhanced Audio Hardware support and configuration options: Split Output Mode, option to disable mic input

And so much more!

Tech Specs


  • Automix
  • Recording
  • Song History (with export to iTunes)
  • Live Undo/Redo
  • Over 100 keyboard shortcuts
  • iCloud integration
  • Audio waveforms display
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Album artwork on turntables
  • Pre-Cueing through headphones
    Learn more
  • Microphone input
  • Online radio broadcasting using Nicecast to Live365, Shoutcast, and Icecast
  • Real-Time Sampler with sample library
  • Multi-Touch Trackpad Support:
    scratch, crossfade, move slider, scrub, nudge, pitch-bend, 2D FX Pad
  • Multi-lingual: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese

Music Library

  • Seamless iTunes integration
  • Queue (on-the-fly playlist creation)
  • Browse library by:
    playlist, artist, album, genre, key
  • As-you-type instant library searching
  • Supports all major audio formats:
    MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, MOV, Audio-CD, and others
  • Supports songs purchased from the iTunes Store (also supports DRM protected songs, however, no recording or Audio Unit plug-ins supported with DRM)
  • Drag and Drop support for files stored on external hard drives or memory sticks


  • Automatic Beat & Tempo Detection
  • BPM-Sync (beat-matching)
  • Harmonic Match™: Automatic Key Detection, Key Matching and Transposing
  • Auto Gain
  • Pre-analyze entire library/playlists
  • Audio FX: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher, Filter (High Pass, Low Pass)
  • Looping (Auto, Manual, Bounce)
  • Auto-Cut Scratching™
  • Tempo control (up to +-75%)
  • Key Lock/Time-Stretching (+-75%)
  • Pitch-Bend
  • Beat-synchronized scrubbing
  • 3-band equalizer (-24 dB to +6 dB)
  • Adjustable crossfader curve
  • Automatic Transitions: Fade, Backspin, Brake, Reverse, Random
  • Multiple Cue Points
  • Reverse Playback and backspinning
  • Support for Audio Unit Effects

External Hardware

Audio samples by ueberschall Sample Service GmbH. Music Processing and Analysis by zplane.development: [aufTAKT] V3, S.R.C. V1, fx::pack V1, [tONaRT] V2, élastique efficient V2, Metering V2.