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The basic process of DJing is to seamlessly mix the playing track into the next track. And to do this successfully, you need to be able to pre-listen or cue the next track in your headphones to make sure it’s beatmatched and sounding great for the dance floor.

Since your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device only has a single audio jack, you can use one of the following two solutions to simultaniously connect both a speaker system and headphones for pre-cueing.

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DJ Cable

for DJ enthusiasts

DJ Cable lets you cue up your next track in the headphones independently of what’s playing through the speakers.

Made specially for djay, DJ Cable is wired to enable djay’s Split Output function for pre-cueing. It now also features gold connectors for improved conductivity and better signal, as well as a braided exterior for durability.

Griffin DJ Cable

DJ Connect

for professional DJing

DJ Connect allows you to pre-cue your music and beat-mix with additional volume control and separate dual stereo outputs.

DJ Connect works with any iOS device and any Mac running OS X 10.6 or higher, and comes with all of the cables you need: a Lightning-connector cable, a 30-pin dock connector cable and a USB cable for cueing with djay app on your Mac.

Griffin DJ Cable


  • Wired to enable djay’s Split Output mode
  • Connectors for speaker system, headphones, and the audio jack of your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device
  • Gold connectors for increased conductivity and signal
  • Braided exterior for durability


  • 3.5 mm (1/8”) stereo headphone output on front
  • Line-level RCA stereo outputs for speakers on back
  • Easy, ergonomic access to volume control
  • 3 connectors included:
    • Apple Lightning connector
      (for iPhone 5 and newer, iPad Air, iPad mini)
    • Apple 30-pin connector
      (for iPhone 4 and 4S, iPad)
    • USB (for Mac)
Griffin DJ Cable - Connection Diagram
Compatible with djay for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android

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Griffin DJ Connect - Connection Diagram
Compatible with djay for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

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