Release Notes

The history of djay Pro for Windows.

  • July 19, 2018

    djay Pro 1.0.27457.0

    • Improved playback of tracks from Spotify
  • July 2, 2018

    djay Pro 1.0.27452.0

    • Added support for Pioneer DDJ-SB3 and Numark Party Mix DJ controllers
    • Added support for FLAC audio files
    • Added improved beat-synchronized scrubbing through songs
    • Improved song loading to allow loading a new song when another is currently loading on the same deck
    • Improved stability and performance when playing music from Spotify
    • Fixed issues with Denon MC7000 and MCX8000 DJ controllers
    • Improved stability and performance
  • May 5, 2018

    djay Pro 1.0.26742.0

    • Added support for selecting individual audio interfaces and channels for master and monitor output
    • Improved performance when loading Spotify libraries and artwork
    • Improved performance when using MIDI controllers
    • Improved volume metering
    • Fixes iTunes support if music is not in Music folder or external HD
    • Various fixes and improvements
  • May 10, 2017

    djay Pro 1.0.26480.0

    • Fixed Spotify search field loosing focus in some cases
    • Various fixes and improvements
  • April 12, 2017

    djay Pro 1.0.26471.0

    • Fixed installation issues on some machines
  • April 10, 2017

    djay Pro 1.0.26468.0

    • Initial release

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