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February 01, 2024

Algoriddim Introduces All-New djay for Apple Vision Pro, launches seamless integration with Apple Music

  • djay for Apple Vision Pro features a groundbreaking spatial interface with hyper-realistic 3D turntables, intuitive gesture control, and immersive environments.
  • djay now seamlessly integrates with Apple Music, giving users direct access to mix over 100 million songs through djay on Apple Vision Pro, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Users can enjoy automated DJ mixes of their favorite playlists on Apple Music for the first time through djay’s Automix feature.

MUNICH, Germany – February 1, 2024 – Algoriddim, creators of the Apple Design Award-winning djay app, today unveiled djay for Apple Vision Pro, featuring a reimagined spatial interface that allows users to mix music on a full-size 3D turntable setup in their very own living room. Users are able to experience DJing in fully immersive environments, from vibrant lounges in outer space to a festival in the middle of the desert complete with stunning light shows under the night sky. Algoriddim have also integrated Apple Music across the entire djay product line, delivering a new way to experience and interact with your music.

Beginning today, Apple Music integration in djay on iPhone, iPad, and Mac is available in 167 countries, bringing unparalleled music access to djay users globally. With just a few taps, users can connect their Apple Music account directly within the djay app, gaining immediate access to a catalog of over 100 million songs, including users’ personal libraries. For people who simply want to lean back and have a continuous music mix of their favorite songs on Apple Music, the Automix feature in djay picks tracks that go well with each other and automatically mixes them with beat matched, DJ-style transitions. 

"We’re thrilled to introduce djay for Apple Vision Pro. Its innovative spatial interface offers a completely new way to experience music and marks a new chapter in the evolution of DJing”, said Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim. “Integrating Apple Music across the entire djay product line represents a significant milestone in Algoriddim's mission to make DJing accessible to everyone."

djay for Apple Vision Pro - A New Dimension in DJing

Top features include:
  • 3D Turntables: Interact with virtual turntables by dragging the needle or scratching the vinyl, in the same way you would use a physical record player.
  • Audio Reactive Surroundings: Experience dynamic light shows and LED walls that respond in real-time to your performance, mirroring the mood of the currently playing song.
  • Scene Understanding: Blend the virtual with the real world by, projecting a shimmering disco ball into your actual living space.
  • Gesture-based Song Preview: Preview upcoming tracks with the natural gesture of holding headphones to your ear.
  • Visual Audio Scrubbing: Effortlessly navigate through a song with gaze and pinch gestures
  • Floating Music Library: Browse playlists using eye movements. Select, search, and queue songs with a simple pinch.
  • 3D Vinyl with Floating Cover Art: Transform your digital music collection into a visually captivating array of 3D vinyl records, complete with their original artwork and vinyl grooves.
  • 3D Drag & Drop: Experience the tactile joy of music by dragging a song out of its sleeve and placing the record on a turntable, mimicking the physical interaction with vinyl records.
  • World-class Audio and 3D Rendering Engine: Experience audio-visual excellence with ultra-low latency and high-resolution 3D graphics, combined with sophisticated features such as automatic beat and tempo detection, filters, looping, sound normalization and time-stretching powered by zplane’s élastique Pro V3, advanced audio effects, and seamless transitions.

Availability and Extended Free Trial Offers

Algoriddim’s djay is available as a free download on the App Store. The optional Pro subscription for $6.99 / €6.99 / £6.99 per month or $49.99 / €49.99 / £48.99 per year offers full access to all features of djay Pro across Apple Vision Pro, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows. 
A free 7-day trial of the full djay Pro subscription is available. Existing Apple Music subscribers are eligible for an exclusive 2-months free trial of the full djay Pro subscription. 
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About djay
djay is a winner of multiple Apple Design Awards. Available for desktop, mobile, and spatial devices, it is loved by millions of DJs and music enthusiasts around the world.

About Algoriddim 
Algoriddim, founded in 2006, creates world-class music and graphics applications for desktop,  mobile, and spatial devices. Its mission is to eliminate the boundaries between consumer and professional-level software to create a world where every person can be an artist and express themselves through music. 

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