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for Android

Ready to rock your next party?
Introducing djay 2 - the next generation of the world’s best-selling DJ app is now available on Android.

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The New York Times

“Got a hidden scratch master inside of you? <br>djay will serve beginners and experts.<span class='lastword'>”</span>

– <span class='source'>The New York Times</span>
DJ Mag

“DJAY 2 is leading the charge,<br>this truly is the next step in Digital DJing.<span class='lastword'>”</span>

– <span class='source'>DJ Mag</span>

The full-fledged DJ app

Everything a DJ needs

djay comes with all the tools you need to rock a crowd. You can perform live, record mixes on–the–go, or enable Automix mode. Whether you are a professional DJ or a beginner who just loves to play with music, djay is the most intuitive yet powerful DJ app on an Android device.



Want to lean back and have a continuous music mix at your next party? Automix in djay 2 allows you to pick your favorite songs and automatically mixes these songs for you with beat-matched, DJ-style transitions. This means you can step away and enjoy live DJ mixes based on your personal musical taste. All with the simple tap of a button.

Cue Points & Looping

Looping & Cue Points

djay offers you a range of different looping styles. Manually set loop in and out points, use Auto-Loop to continuously loop part of a song, or remix live using Bounce-Loop to mash up your song, all in perfect sync with the beat. Cue Points allow you to set, save and quickly jump to markers within a song.

Audio FX

Audio FX

Spice up your mix with a host of professional real-time audio effects. Audio FX in djay include: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher, Filter (High Pass, Low Pass), as well as six preconfigured Instant FX: Absorb, Drift, Sway, Crush, Punch, Twist.



Record your mixes live. djay allows you to capture the mixed output in real-time so you can share it with the rest of the world. Recordings are saved to your Android device as a high-quality WAV file or in compressed format.

djay - the DJ app for Android

Turntables & Waveforms

Classic dual deck mixer & waveform view

Turntable View

Turntable View

Mix and scratch your music on djay’s hyper-realistic, award-winning turntable interface. You can literally touch your music and put the needle to the record like on a real record player.

djay for Android - the #1 DJ app with turntables
djay for Android - the #1 DJ app with waveforms
HD Waveforms

HD Waveforms

Retaining the simplicity of the traditional DJ turntable look-and-feel, djay 2 also features a stunning waveform layer, which allows you to touch and interact with your music at an unprecedented level of detail and clarity. HD Waveforms provide you with precise visual cues that highlight similar sounds with similar colors, leveraging the full resolution of your Android device.

Spectral Timeline

Spectral Timeline

djay’s new spectral timeline allows you to visualize the structure of a song through color (intro, chorus, verse, etc.) and identify similar parts within a song.

Colored Waveforms

Colored Waveforms

Allows you to visually identify individual parts of the audio based on frequency ( e.g. bass, snare, high-hat, etc ). Each element has its own identifiable look.

Built-in sampler

Comes with high-quality sample packs

The built-in sampler adds another dimension of creativity that allows you to trigger sounds and create drum beats on top of your music. djay comes with pre-bundled content ranging from traditional sound effects to exclusive drops by music icon Snoop Dogg.

Built-in Sampler

Samples Packs included

Sample packs included: Essentials, Effects, Snoop Dogg

External hardware support

Take your DJ app to the next level

MIDI Control

djay works plug-and-play with the Reloop Beatpad on Android. Created exclusively for djay, the Reloop Beatpad features touch-sensitive performance platters, integrated multi-colored LED feedback, and high-quality hardware controls for crossfading, EQ, effects, and sampler.

Watch DMC champion perform with djay for Android

DJ Controller Support
Pre-cueing with headphones

Pre-Cueing with Headphones

Preview and prepare the next song through headphones using Griffin’s DJ Cable for djay: By enabling Split Output mode in djay you can cue songs through headphones independently from the mix that goes through the main speakers for live DJing.

Learn more about pre-cueing

Tech specs


  • Automix mode with automatic transition control
  • Pre-Cueing through headphones via the Griffin DJ Cable
  • Recording (compressed and uncompressed formats)
  • Auto-Saving (cue point, beat-grids, BPM, wave data)
  • Support for MIDI control (Reloop Beatpad)
  • Support for bluetooth devices

Music Library

  • Direct music library access
  • Match powered
  • Queue
  • History
  • Album cover display
  • Browse by playlist, song, artist, album, BPM, and time
  • As-you-type instant library searching
  • Support for major audio formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG


  • Automatic Beat & Tempo Detection
  • BPM-Sync
  • Scratching
  • Tempo control (up to +-50% with customizable range and fine adjust)
  • Key-Lock/Time-Stretching (requires Nexus device with quad-core processor)
  • Pitch-Bend
  • 3-band equalizer (-24 dB to +6 dB)
  • Audio FX: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher, Filter (High Pass, Low Pass)
  • Automatic Transitions: Fade, Backspin, Brake, Reverse, Random
  • Auto Looping
  • Manual Looping
  • Bounce Looping
  • Loop-FX-Pad
  • Ultra-low latency on many devices including Nexus

Uses [aufTAKT] V3 (tempo tracking), S.R.C. V1 (sample rate conversion), fx::pack V1 (audio effects bundle), and élastique efficient V2 by zplane.development.

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