SoundCloud | djay DJ app

Mix millions of premium and
underground tracks.

Algoriddim has partnered with SoundCloud to give djay users seamless access to SoundCloud’s massive catalog of premium and underground tracks.

Millions of underground
and premium tracks

Instantly pull in
your SoundCloud library

Match: Track

Stream: Mix the latest tracks from people you're following

Top features at a glance

  • Access to 200+ Million underground and premium tracks
  • Instantly pull in your SoundCloud library: Likes, Playlists, Albums, Stream, Uploads
  • Selection of free SoundCloud playlists featuring emerging artist
  • Match: Track Recommendations
  • SoundCloud Go+ integration to access the full catalog including premium tracks from major labels
  • Discover unique content from artists you follow
  • Analyze Library
  • Manage Likes on SoundCloud from within djay

Streaming FAQs

What you need to know

Which SoundCloud subscription type do I need?

A SoundCloud GO+ subscription will allow you to take full advantage of djay’s SoundCloud integration, giving you access to 200+ million tracks. To get started you can also choose from a selection of free playlists featuring emerging artists, available out-of-the-box to all djay users.

Which versions of djay offer the SoundCloud integration?

Currently, the latest versions of djay on iOS, Mac, and Windows offer seamless access to SoundCloud.

I want to check this out. Can I import my music collection from another streaming service to SoundCloud?

Absolutely. Several online services are available to make it easy for you to import your current songs and playlists from one service to another, based on the availability of individual tracks. Two available options are TuneMyMusic or Soundiiz.

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