Introducing djay Pro 1.2 - Innovative trackpad gesture control and native support for more DJ controllers

September 01, 2015

We’ve released a massive update to djay Pro, free to all existing users, with two important additions to the software.

First up are a significant number of newly supported plug and play controllers. In addition to supporting the Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000nexus, CDJ-900nexus, and XDJ-1000 media players, djay Pro now has seamless plug and play integration with the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SX, DDJ-SX2, and DDJ-SZ controllers. Numark’s range is catered for too with the addition of the brand new new Mixtrack and Mixtrack Pro 3, as well as the established N4 controller. For the first time users of any of these controllers can mix millions of songs from Spotify’s extensive music catalogue using their existing equipment.

Moreover, djay Pro now introduces advanced, first-of-its-kind trackpad gesture control fully leveraging Multi-Touch and Force Touch technologies built into Apple’s modern laptops. A range of two finger gestures work with the majority of on-screen controls such as mixer, tempo faders, filter, EQ, FX, offering the opportunity for greater accuracy, tactile feel, and artistic expression. In addition to the existing scratch gesture, it’s now possible to spin forward and back with a simple two finger circular motion, closely emulating forward and backward cueing on a turntable. The same gesture control can be applied to the overview waveform, which now becomes a strip search feature, as well as the FX pad which is seamlessly mapped onto the dimensions of the trackpad.

djay Pro is available on the Mac App Store for $49.99.

We’re looking forward to your continued feedback via the djay Facebook page or @Algoriddim on Twitter.

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